About D-N-T

Since opening day in March 1999 D-N-T Business & Office Cleaning owners Doug and Tina Ayers have based the Mooresville Indiana company on one simple principle:

“When performing a service, always go that extra mile to exceed the customer’s expectations.”

Those words drive all our decisions from cleaning and communication processes to monitoring employee performance and the choice of cleaning products. Excellence is more than a goal to us. Excellence is a standard carved in stone and supported by operations.

D-N-T Business & Office Cleaning’s MISSION is…

“To strive for EXCELLENCE in Quality Cleaning, Customer Service, Serving our Team Members, and Hiring the Best.”

Every client can be assured:

  • Cost is reasonable and affordable
  • All D-N-T employees go through extensive training
  • Communication between client, management, and employee is ongoing
  • Employee performance is continually monitored
  • Confidentiality is strictly enforced
  • Safety and security are a priority
  • Products and methods are current with industry practices
  • D-N-T is insured and bonded

D-N-T cleans the corners that others cut and makes your business sparkle. Because of our attention to detail and standards, D-N-T Business & Office Cleaning still serves original clients more than 20 years later. Businesses throughout Hendricks, Johnson, Marion and Morgan counties looking for a knowledgeable, reliable, and professional cleaning service will find peace of mind working with D-N-T Business & Office Cleaning.

Find Peace of Mind!

Look Professional

The physical appearance of your office is an important component to your business. At D-N-T, we are proud to say that, “we clean the corners others cut.” This is both a business philosophy and a personal commitment. Potential clients often make judgments about your reliability based on the condition and maintenance of your workspace. We will professionally assess your cleaning needs and send in a team designed to address them.

Our team members will treat your business and associates with courtesy and respect. We have procedures in place that allow us to monitor the cleaning of your establishment to insure that we meet and exceed all of your needs. We use environmentally safe products and quality control procedures guaranteed to make your establishment one that you can take pride in.

At D-N-T, we recognize that your business is a reflection of you. We will make it a clean reflection.

Clean Bathrooms

We have all had the experience of walking into a public restroom and finding it dirty. When that happens, we may become unhappy with the organization. At D-N-T, we do not want your accommodations to disappoint your customers. We recognize that your restroom is an important part of your in-office business transactions, and we will clean and sanitize them to a standard that will exceed your expectations.

We have policies and procedures that are specifically designed to deliver to our clients an environment they can be proud of. We use hypoallergenic and environmentally safe products that do not leave odors or residues that might trigger allergic reactions.

At D-N-T, we are not making an empty promise when we say, “we clean the corners others cut.” Our commitment to you and your customers is an extension of our personal commitment to a clean, well-ordered environment. Once we have serviced it, your employees and guests will find your restroom a true “comfort station.”


The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” At D-N-T, we find nothing foolish in maintaining the consistency necessary to insure that your establishment is cleaned properly.

After we assess your needs, we match you with the professional personnel best suited to your office or business. We make certain that they are intimately familiar with your specific needs. We monitor all of our personnel with procedures such as a call-in at the start of cleaning and a check-in at completion. We solicit your feedback to determine satisfaction, and complete monthly evaluations of our personnel.

The quality control procedures we have in place are designed to insure that no corners are cut and your establishment is cleaned in a consistent and competent manner each and every time.